Hi, I'm writing an eBook about Ember.js

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been following this forum for a while and want to share with everyone the book I’ve been working on.

It is called ember-cli-101 https://leanpub.com/ember-cli-101, I started to write it back in August and start to sell it through leanpub after having only the table of contents and an opening chapter, I was aiming to 1000 reader by the end of 2014, but I completed 70% of that goal which is fine. For the upcoming months I’ll try to develop more strategies to increase sells, I was thinking about using convertkit (would love to hear your experiences with it) and probably some webinars.

I call it a living book since I want to keep it up to date with Ember, Ember-Data and ember-cli, so if you are looking to get into Ember and want material which is up to date, check it out!

Looks like some of your blog posts have a link to subscribe to your mailing list and some don’t. What kind of content do you send through there and has it converted to any book purchases?

@freedrull thanks for asking, yes, I need to be more consistent and probably ask for emails in every post.

I use that list mostly to tell people about new post, but I haven’t really use it to sell yet. I can see though that a lot of book purchases come from my blog.