Hi I'm Warren , will be trying out my luck

Hi guys. Great forum. I wanted to introduce myself. I’m a wannabe entrepreneur and really don’t have an idea what to do for an app. 6 months back I started a softdrinks delivery business back in Manila. To track inventory and checking of stocks that goes out, I have created Logistika. It is a cloud/saas solution which includes mobile app.

I don’t really have plans on continuing on selling the app but just use it internally but yesterday I was let go from my job. I’m now planning to go back to Manila (from Singapore) and try out my luck. I don’t think I want to work again and I always wanted to start my own business. I think there is great opportunity to streamline or introduced technologies that will help businesses in the Philippines that is still on manual operation.

Anyways hello again and good luck to each and everyone.

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Hey Warren, welcome, I’m new here too haha.

I was born in the Philippines and go back fairly often. The majority lf the people there have smartphones, so you could be onto something.

I’ve seen some ingenious things at work there. There was this take out place that took phone orders, but you could also text them your order and name. So for sure, new tech that improves on what they’re already doing is a good idea. Just depends on if they’re willing to adopt something new.

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Welcome, Warren. Having a working app that you’ve already built and used puts you pretty far ahead of the game. (You’re not starting with just an idea.) You can hit the streets today and show it to other delivery companies – show them exactly how it works, get feedback, and tune it to be useful to a broader audience right away. It’s a great head start I think. Run with it!

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Hey jabeuy.

Cool! Maybe we can catch up there sometimes. I will be back there for good come December – currently in Singapore.

“Just depends on if they’re willing to adopt something new”.

This will be my main challenge. It was quite hard to get them to use the mobile app compared to using pen+paper. The great thing is after 1 to 2 weeks of use, they said they would never ever go back to doing things manually.

Thanks for the welcome corey. Yeah will surely do that!

Nice! Would love to meet up with a fellow bootstrapper there. I live in Canada but I’ll drop you a note when I go back :slight_smile:

I think one of the hardest things is getting people to change their behaviour.