Hi, I'm Vladimir and I'm building Snippets — Code Snippets Manager

Hi all, my name is Vladimir Prudnikov.

I’ve been building the web for about 11 years now. Almost 9 last years as a freelance developer and building my own products. Building own products is what drives me.

My first bootstrapped, and later sold, project was RSS reader in the pre-Google-Reader-2 era. You may remember first version of GR which was ugly and seems-no-one-was-using-it. After GR 2 came out my reader obviously died.

My current project for the last several years is Snippets — Code snippets manager. For non-tech members, it’s like Evernote but for programmers. Initially it was launched as a paid standalone app for Mac http://www.snippetsapp.com/. Standard old-school shareware business. But later I decided to change the direction and create a platform with desktop clients for Mac and Windows and additional services on the server such as sync, sharing, publishing and much more. It is available at http://snippets.me/ and it is still work in progress. Sync is hard task and it is going through a 3rd (and I hope final) redesign.

I’m looking forward to product creation related discussions here, I’d be happy to share my knowledge and experience and learn from yours.

Interesting app and I like that it has JetBrains support. It seems to be a crowded space, so wishing you lots of luck.

One thing I noticed on the snippets.me site is the screenshots do not seem to enlarge. Using safari mac.

Thank you. A new version os website is almost ready. We will be launching with the new website.