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Hi, I'm Vitaly. I'm microISV developer


Hi. My name is Vitaly. I’m microISV developer from Russia.

I’m developer since 2000 and I love C++. At the present time I’m writing high-speed network applications.

My blog: http://blog.coolsoftware.ru/.

I’m glad to join the community.


Hi Vitaly. Welcome to the forums.


Hi Vitaly! Welcome to the forums! I love C++ too…and OpenGL…and Boost…and Apple…

Easy for Andrey, but for those like me who don’t read Russian, here your blog through Google Translate:



I can’t read Russian either :smile:


Oh, I’m sorry, my english is not good enough to express my thoughts yet. Therefor usually I write in russian in my blog.
Thank you for the Google Translate link.