Hi, I'm Vasudev Ram at Dancing Bison

Got to know about this site a day ago.

Hi people,

This site looks interesting.

I’m Vasudev Ram, an independent software developer in India, and member of the Python Software Foundation. I do consulting and training and also develops software products.

xtopdf is one of them. It is a Python toolkit for PDF creation from various other file formats. Packt Publishing of the UK, the Software Freedom Law Center of the USA, ESRI.nl of Holland are some organizations that use xtopdf. Here is some info about xtopdf:

Online presentation about xtopdf:

Many programming-oriented blog posts about xtopdf on my blog:

I offer consulting and training on Python, Linux, C, open source technologies, relational databases, and on PDF generation for businesses or other organizations, using my xtopdf toolkit or related tools and technologies (of which I know a fair number).
I have solid strengths developed over many years in the aforementioned areas.

Looking forward to checking this site and interacting with the members.