Hi I'm Tommy and I'm working on a book about user feedback

Hey everyone,

so I have commented on a couple of posts already but I haven’t formally introduced myself, so let’s do it.

I’m based in Paris and I have a website called http://saasfoundry.io , I’m working on a book to help web companies get more and better user feedback ( http://www.saasfoundry.io/feedback-foundry/ ).

I’ve done products in the past and seen first hand how long it can take to get enough recurring customers. In fact, I had a SaaS product a couple of years back I’ve stopped because I was not passionate about the market (mostly samll printing and advertising french shops). I had written a post-mortem on it : http://www.sparklewise.com/post-mortem-5-mistakes-i-made-with-my-first-online-product/

The idea with the user feedback theme is to take the “ebook first, saas second” kind of approach. I had been biased to only think of software solutions, but the 30x500 class I’ve taken 2 years ago opened my eyes that in the end you’re solving problems for an audience and you don’t have to ship software for that. So the idea for me is to learn more about the pains of web companies around gathering and acting on user feedback, and to be able to launch a saas product with more knowledge and an existing customer list.

I also do consulting services on how to activate and keep users/customers ( http://www.saasfoundry.io/about-me/ ).

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