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Hi, I'm Tom Davies from Brainy Atom


I’m Tom Davies, the owner of Brainy Atom.

Brainy Atom was started back in 2008 by myself and a co-founder as the company behind our first website Teenormous. Teenormous.com is a search engine for t-shirts, featuring over 150,000 shirts from around the Internet. We bootstrapped Teenormous on nights and weekends while both of us had full-time jobs. We also launched a few additional niche shopping engines - none quite as popular as Teenormous though.

As of last year, I bought out my co-founder and started consulting to free up some time to try to make a go at being a full-time product business. I still have some work to do to be able to drop the consulting completely though - it still provides the majority of my income.

I’m now in the process of launching a new SaaS product to provide e-commerce search and auto-complete for online stores called Burst Search. I’m targeting later this year to run a private beta for Burst Search.

I’ll be happy to share the results of any successes / failures along the way with the community here. I was a fan of the BOS forums back in the day so I’m really happy you guys decided to put this together.


Hi Tom! Awesome to have you hear. I actually knew about Teenormous from a while back, when Brian (your co-founder?), did an interview on Mixergy.

It would be great if you post some progress on the launch of Burst Search. Products that are in beta, or early release are close to home for me right now, so I’m looking to learn from as many stories as I can find.

Thanks for joining!


Thanks Andrey!

Yep, Brian is the original co-founder. Good memory re: the Mixergy interview :slight_smile:

I will definitely share my progress - I have a lot to learn about launching as well. Will definitely report back.