Hi, I'm Tom. Currently bootstrapping EmailOctopus, an Email Marketing platform


I’m Tom and currently run an email marketing platform, called EmailOctopus, along with my mate Jonathan in London.

We started our platform approximately 3 years ago. Jonathan built it to serve a personal need in sending bulk emails at a much lower cost than Mailchimp. We launched initially in free Beta on Reddit, and within a few weeks had a few thousand sign-ups.

Since then we’ve been slowly working on commercialising the product and we added paid plans in late 2015. Last year we both switched to work on EmailOctopus full-time, it’s grown quite nicely since we took that plunge. We’re now both taking a small salary, have jumped through various VAT hoops, are sending around 80m emails a month and also have hundreds of customers - including some household names.

We’re now, like most bootstrapped SaaS founders, looking to take it to the next level as well as hopefully share some learnings about how we got to where we are.

Looking forward to contributing more in the community.