Hi, I'm Tom and I recently launched ServerConfig.io

Hi, my name is Tom Boruta and I’ve listened to Bootstrapped since #1.

I have been developing websites as a part time entrepreneur for 16+ years. I’ve been working on websites in the education & corporate world full time for 8+ years. I’ve bootstrapped many personal web projects over my career with some successes and many failures, none of them ending up making continuous income from which would support my family and I. However, I will keep at it to try to become a successfully bootstrapped company.

Probably my most successful project is Video Game Countdown. 7 years of counting down to the release of video game titles. I also run DVD Countdown, Music Countdown, Blu-ray Countdown, and Book Countdown.

I just launched Server Config as I saw no easy way to get a webdev good initial settings for server technologies (Apache,PHP,MySQL,etc). My goal for this project is to recommend initial settings for a new server and then allow you to easily deploy a server with those settings to DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Amazon, etc.

I look forward to many great discussions here with the wealth of knowledge you all have.

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Hi Tom. Welcome to the forums.

I actually had to do some low memory optimizations on one of our servers this morning, and your Server Config site came in very useful! Thanks!

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I’m glad that you found it useful. I hope to keep making it better.