Hi, I'm Tim from StartupLog.io and Turret.IO

Hello everyone – I’ve been a lurker for a bit and thought it was time to introduce myself.

I started Turret.IO, a simple email marketing platform for developers, a few months ago as a by-product for the needs of some of my other web applications. Turret.IO is focused on providing an email marketing service specifically for developers to make reaching their users and potential customers easier. Being a developer, I realized there’s a lack of genuine developer-centric solutions in the email marketing arena, and Turret.IO aims to fix that.

I also recently developed StartupLog.io as another avenue to help other startups gain some exposure, as I’m well aware how difficult this can be for those of us who are bootstrapping.

Other than that, I’ve been a developer for about 8 years, have a small group of software development clients, and do freelance work in PHP, Python, and Go. Lastly, I enjoy kayaking and mountain biking when I can step out of my office :smile:

That’s probably enough rambling for now – psyched to be a part of this community!



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Welcome Tim! Do you Turret.io looks interesting. Do you have a launch target date? What separates it from e.g. customer.io?

Thanks! We’re planning on a private beta in a few weeks.

customer.io is a great product, but our primary focus is a bit different. Our goal is to provide an experience that places the developer first and makes it simple to reach out to your user-base in a targeted way,