Hi, I'm Tim and solo-founder of Donald

Hey everyone, I’m Tim Jahn, founder of Donald (http://getDonald.com). Donald helps teams that deal with lots of daily communication with clients, vendors, third-parties, etc. by automatically capturing and organizing the communication so the whole team can easily find what they need.

I"m currently bootstrapping Donald while working a full time day job.

Hurrah - welcome to the solo founder club :-).

Clickable link for others: getDonald.

Very nice landing page btw - good description of what it does and how.


Welcome. Your product looks great - you seem to have got all the basics right about site-based marketing and pricing. I love that your first FAQ has the phrase “my mom”.

How long have you been running Donald?

IIRC Atlassian’s Confluence started with a similar concept: capture all the project stuff sent via email, and automatically construct a project wiki out of it. Which really validates the market…

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks Steve. Started working on it in Feb. Struggling to find the right market currently as my original market of digital agencies doesn’t seem to need it enough to pay for it.