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Hi! I'm Tim, and I'm building HttpToolkit.tech


Hi there! I’m bootstrapping a new project, and this forum looks like a great place to share ideas and meet people going through the same.

Right now, I’m building a new side project called HTTP Toolkit: httptoolkit.tech.

It’s a suite of tools for developers working with HTTP, to debug & explore & rapidly prototype on all things HTTP.

I’ve just finished the first version of the landing page - I’d love some feedback if you have some :smiley:

I’m bootstrapping this of course - I’ve got a full time software development job at a startup, which is funding exploring this, and has actually been really useful for learning a lot of basic marketing and strategy. Full time work makes time management difficult, but in the early days I think that can actually be useful, to focus the mind on getting the smallest possible poc built. So far so good!


I think this is a good landing page. It passes the “can I tell within 5 seconds whether this product is for me” test.

Even though you haven’t released the product I think you should add pricing. This answers the second question most visitors have - is this product within my budget. At the very least, allow people to tell if it has a basic plan for less than $50/month, or whether it has “call us” pricing, aimed at the enterprise. Pricing sends a signal.

Finally, I assume this is a desktop product. You don’t mention that on the landing page, as far as I can tell. I suggest indicating this somewhere in your copy.


Thanks @SteveMcLeod! This is easily the most useful feedback I’ve had - getting detailed feedback like this beyond ‘it looks great’ is really hard :smiley:. I’ll start looking at that asap.


The design is nice. I would focus some more on the wording, too…

For example, you have:

Debug, test & change how your ___ communicates.

That’s the first thing I read. You have to hook me here or I’m outta there.

On a purely emotional level, which we know people buy into more often than on the rational, I would prefer wording such as:

Your personal HTTP workshop

…etc, – something which immediately grabs me on a more personal level. My workshop? What tools do you have? etc, maybe even run with that theme and spread it across your design. I think stuff like that very much helps your product stand out with more personality and from every other dry software product landing page.

Course… just my 2c :wink: split testing would go a long way.