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Hi, I'm Sylvain from Pusher. In my spare time I learn how to code and try make money out of side projects


Hey everyone,

I’m a french guy that for some weird reasons is now living in London. My day job involves doing marketing stuff on the interweb, also known as growth hacking (with air quotes) for Pusher. I’m probably not the right profile for this forum, but here goes nothing.

You can actually read my full introduction in this gist because

###“Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”


Well that’s an epic intro! Welcome to the forum. We use Pusher on Snappy and really love it, so big props to the crew over there at the day job.


Using it too, great product!


Welcome to the forums Syl - I agree that is an impressive intro (the one in the gist). Great to have someone with some marketing chops in the forum - that’s an area I am… let’s say working on improving :slight_smile:


HI all, glad you like my intro. I think I got carried away a little bit but that was fun!

Also, it always make me super happy to meet Pusherinos (as we like to call you around the office) in the wild. and @ian, we are ditching Tenderapp this quarter and the finalists are Snappy and Zendesk. Personally, I was sold at the robot but the decision is not mine. Hopefully, we will start giving you some cold hard cash by the end of the year.


Ah awesome! Always cool when you get that bidirectional customer relationship going. We have a ton of great stuff coming out over the next 6 months (much of it Pusher based!).