Hi, I'm Steven - web/mobile dev, aspiring freelancer and bootstrapper

Hi, I’m a 26 year old android and web developer from Belgium.

After a couple of years of working for startups for someone else I’ve decided it’s time to start working for myself. The end goal for me is to eventually live completely off my own products, but I have nothing against doing freelance work from time to time in order to get there.

Currently I’m in a transition phase where I still have my full time job, am working on my first product and have taken on a client. With the extra cash that comes in from client work I’m building a buffer for when I decide to quit my full time job.

The first product I am working on is a SaaS called CyclingPlanner. It’s a workout/season planner for competitive cyclists.


Welcome to the forum, Steven!

Where in Belgium are you? I’m in Leuven.

Product in an interesting niche. What gave you the idea - are you a competitive cyclist?

I’m from Haacht, which is 15minutes away from Leuven. I studied in Leuven.

I’m a competitive cyclist indeed. Have been out of the circuit for a couple of years but got back in to it last year. The whole project is basically a “scratch your my itch” thing.


“Scratch my itch” is a good. Scratching an itch in a field where people spend thousands of euros on gear? Even better.


Give me a ping if you’re ever in Leuven and want to catch up!