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Hi I'm Steven. Just graduated Y Combinator Startup School!


Hey Bootstrappers, my name is Steven Leon, founder of BetweenGigsNY - social job platform for entertainment professionals seeking NYC part-time creative employment opportunities.

I was a full-time actor in the NYC area for 10+ years and understand the harsh realities of life in the world of entertainment. By day, I am a qa analyst and by night (and on weekends) I am a determined founder. Also, just completed the awesome and transformational Y Combinator Startup School program which is amazing.

Look forward to connecting!



:wave:t5: @BGNY congrats! :clap:t5: I’m Helen, a fellow SUS18 graduate, and founder of Mindful. Mindful help marketplace and SAAS companies book demos and win deals. An illustrator in a past life, I wish you much success with helping creatives get jobs.

Gotta go and finish editing :woman_technologist:t5: my website copy to match the new value prop and customer validation.


Hello Helen! Congrats :wave: and Mindful is very needed! A huge part of the puzzle is researching potential clients which can be quite time consuming. Gonna swing by your site and take a look. Let’s stay connected! :+1:


Hi there!
My congrats!
Did you get your $10K?


Hey K,

Thanks! All graduates find out right around Jan 2019 / beginning of the year. Wish us luck!



Absolutely :crossed_fingers:
So, you just register and participate in the school’s activities? It’s not very clear how someone can “graduate”.


Morning K,

There’s an application process and I believe the acceptance rate is between 3-5% approximately. A 10 week program with specific milestones that must be met to graduate.



Thanks for the information.
But I’m still confused.
From their FAQ on https://www.startupschool.org/faq -

Is there a limit to the number of founders who can participate in the program?
We do not have a limit on the number of participants.
Or it’s something different?


This last YC SUS batch, all applicants were accepted. This was as a result of an error which saw an email go out to all applicants advising them that they were accepted. They decided rather than retract the email they would accept all. Any number of founders can participate.


Oh, this is interesting story, thanks for sharing!
One question still, though. Now, is kind of batch closed? The information on the site is controversial:

Learn how to start a startup with YC’s free 10-week online course.

100 companies who complete the course will also receive $10K.


Latest course has finished. Head to
the content library to see the content.



The current batch has recently ‘graduated’ and the course is closed. I’m not sure when the next round opens.


Got it.