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Hi, I'm Steve. I run markbox.io


Hi folks,

I’m Steve Ivy and I run http://markbox.io, a blogging platform that syncs all your content (and templates, and images) from Dropbox. Markbox has been a side project for the last year. When I started it there were only a couple of other products “in the space” (as the kids say), and now there are quite a few more. I’ve been in private beta for a long time, occasionally neglected it, and sporadically added features as I’ve been able to.

I’m recently on my own again and looking to take Markbox to the next level. I’ve opened it up to public beta, no invite required, and have started picking up a few new users a day.

I really do suck at this bootstrapping thing. :slight_smile:

Hoping to learn a lot from all of you.


Tough market to monetise given there is so much free competition, but I think there is a niche for the right product. Good luck with it!


Quickly scanning your home page, I do not see any example blogs. I would recommend at least having a couple of images which show what you can accomplish with your product.


Welcome! Yeah, blogging is a bear but maybe looking into the Wordpress.com idea of ads on the sites if you don’t pay and upgrade to remove them. Though my concern in this case is that the kind of people who want to use Markdown may not accept ads where the WP crowd is much more open to that.

In any event, good luck with it and keep us posted on how you make out.


Yes, I have no interest in ads. I’m targeting markdown-loving users who are willing to pay a bit for a convenient way to publish a blog that keeps all the data (posts and templates mostly) under their control.