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Hi, I'm Steve from Annotate - an app to gain client feedback on live or development sites


Hi there, my name is Steve Heyes. I run a small dev agency in Birmingham, UK called Studio Bonito.

However, in my spare time I’ve been working on an app called Annotate - http://www.annotateapp.com - the app is aimed at other web designer and developers who have a large amount of client work. It enables you gain direct client feedback about your website removing any confusion or miss communication.

I’d love to know your thoughts about it, feel free to tear it down! This seems like a safe environment to say and do that! But check out the site and let me know what you think.

Annotate - http://www.annotateapp.com



Hi Steve,

I reckon you should remove the word “experiment” from the bottom of the page. I read the page, was attracted to the product, and then saw “This is an experiment” and then thought it might just be a test or not work or something. Basically I think it could turn people off.


Thanks @cja, a few people have said that. I’ll roll that out in the next update :slight_smile: