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Hi, I'm Scott from Synap Software


I’m Scott.

In 2006, I left corporate middle management to co-found Synap Software, LLC (http://synapsoftware.com) to freelance Ruby on Rails projects. I have followed Ian, Andrey and others’ adventures since back in the “Micro-ISV” days. I thank them for starting up this forum.

I’m currently not bootstrapping anything new. I plan to lurk here to soak up ideas and throw in my two-cents from time to time.


Hi Scott. Welcome to the forums!


Hi Scott! I think I remember the name. Perhaps I’m projecting? In any event welcome.


I’m pretty sure I remember Scott from the BoS days. In fact I dug up a conversation in my email we had in Spring 2007! Yikes, I feel old now.

Nice to bump in to you again, Scott!


Yes, thanks. I was active in the community in 2006, '07, '08 before full-time freelancing drew my attention away. It’s great to have this forum as a way to jump back in!


Welcome Scott! Hard to give up on entrepreneurship, eh?!! This forum is incredible. Sounds like you have a lot of experience to contribute.