Hi, I'm Sara from FromThePage.com

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m a software engineer by trade, and half of FromThePage, a SAAS (and open source project) for collaborative transcription of handwritten historical documents.

We have a consulting business in the same market, where most of our income comes from. FromThePage is in active use by 7 customers (2 SAAS, 5 on prem) on projects ranging from The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick to the Aztec Codex Aubin.

The consulting business has been successful enough for me to quit my day job to split my time between delivering consulting engagements and building up the SAAS business. We currently have 2 paying SAAS customers and deployment and support contracts with 3 others.

Our challenges:
Can we get out of the on-prem deployment business?
Targeting more specific markets beyond "people with historical handwritten documents"
Pricing (always!)
Measuring and optimizing our sales funnel
Creating & executing on a digital marketing plan

I look forward to getting to know people here and sharing ideas.


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Hi Sara. Welcome to the forums!

I love seeing those niche software businesses. Welcome to the forum Sara!

How you considered making a more clear pricing page for your Saas? When I visit http://beta.fromthepage.com/ I don’t see where to click to sign up for a paid plan, or what the paid plan does that the open source doesn’t.

Yep, we’re very niche – what happens when your {partner’s} hobby becomes your business.

Right! Added a call to action button that links to the (existing, hard to find) pricing page. Thanks!

Next is obviously to finish up the Stripe integation so that the pricing page actually does something other than tell them to contact us… :wink: