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Hi, I'm Sacha from Sidebar and Discover Meteor


My name is Sacha Greif, and I’m currently working on a couple projects, such as Sidebar (a newsletter of the best design links of the day) and Discover Meteor (a book about the Meteor JavaScript framework).

I also blog, contribute to open-source projects, and hang around on the internet. Oh, and I live in Osaka, Japan.


Hi Sasha. I love your Sidebar newsletter. I have it listed as a resource for my students when I teach them the importance of good design. I’m also really keen to get into Meteor so am checking out your book now.

Hope it’s not too cold up there in Osaka right now :smile:



Welcome Sacha. Big fan of Sidebar!


@pedrogrande that’s awesome, glad to know there’s Sidebar and Meteor fans around here :slight_smile: And yeah, it’s cold in Osaka! I’m wearing a hoodie and a beanie right now. And I’m inside the house…

@ian thanks! Big fan of your podcast here :slight_smile: