Hi, I'm Ryan from BudgetSmarter.com

Hey everyone,

I’m a developer from Michigan. Currently, I’m working on a personal finance SaaS BudgetSmarter.com with my wife. I’ve founded other (failed) startups before as well as working at a handful of successful ones as an early employee.

I’ve been binging on episodes of the bootstrapped.fm podcast after finding it earlier this week and decided it was time to stop developing in the dark.


Hi Ryan. Welcome to the forums.

Hey Ryan - congrats on stopping to develop in the dark as you put it :slight_smile: I think that’s generally a really good idea.

So I’m not sure if you were looking for feedback on your saas or not. Let me know if so. Have a few thoughts.

Of course, I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks!

Cool - okay so I think I’m probably in the target market for this. I feel like there are some quick wins in my budget that I just don’t really have the time to look at.

So the headline kind of spoke to me. But then I wanted to know a little bit more about how exactly it would work and that’s where I got a little lost. And I’m probably a good example of a typical distracted user because I didn’t read everything very thoroughly - I just glanced and the calendar graphic and kind of scanned a few things.

But I wasn’t really left with a strong enough impression to go ahead and sign up for the email.

Seems like you’re onto something here though!