Hi, I'm Ryan and I publish training courses at Mijingo.com

I’m Ryan and I run Mijingo.com, a website that sells video courses that help web designers and developers learn new tools. Last month I left my position as VP of Technology at Happy Cog to pursue Mijingo full-time.

Website: http://mijingo.com
Background: http://ryanirelan.com/articles/saying-goodbye-to-happy-cog/

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Hi Ryan. Welcome to the forums!

And congratulations on going full-time!

Hey Ryan, great to see you here! I know you have a lot of experience and a lot of great knowledge to share. I’ve personally gained a lot from following your writing/podcasting/speaking over the years.

Congrats on going full-time with Mijingo.

Hey Ryan, welcome and congrats on breaking out on your own. I look forward to seeing Mijingo!

I looked around at Mijingo and wondered if you’d considered not requiring users to create an account. I could see a use case for someone wanting to spend $10-$15 to watch the video right away, but give up due to the hassle of having to create an account.