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Hi, I'm Ruben Gamez from Bidsketch


Hello! I’m Ruben from Bidsketch.

I started Bidsketch on the side (while working a full time job) and about a year and a half later was making enough to quit my job. Getting there was a lot more work than what it sounds like, but it was also a great learning experience and I had lots of fun. Not to mention that I’ve met some great people and made lots of new friends along the way.

It’s exciting to see what Ian and Andrey have started here. I remember visiting the Business of Software forums almost daily, back when I was learning about what it takes to launch a product as a solo founder.

Anyway, see you in the forums! :smile:


Welcome… love the site, number of little touches that just show its been “crafted”!


Welcome Ruben! Glad to have you here. You’ve got a ton of knowledge to share, looking forward to your posts.


Hey Ruben. Good to see you.

Bidsketch is one of my all-time “I wish I’d invented that” apps, partly because I did invent a crappy proposal builder that was used internally here at the office. When I saw that there was a real product out there that did the same thing, it blew my mind.

Looking forward to picking your brain.


Hey Christopher! I think that happens to a lot of us at some point :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing how things go with your new product!


Hey Ruben, good to see you here.

If anyone hasn’t yet watched Ruben’s Mixergy interview, I’d recommend checking it out. Pretty inspiring.


Ruben was also on over at Chasing Product http://www.chasingproduct.com/episodes/episode-2-delegating-bootstrapped-product-effort-wruben-gamez


Great to see you on here Jason! Thanks!

Ian - thanks, man. Looking forward to hearing your interview on there :slight_smile:


Hi Ruben, The example you’ve given with Bidsketch is inspiring. Thanks for joining us.