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Hi, I'm Rachel from Luzme, the ebook search engine


Luzme is an ebook search engine which

  • Helps you buy the ebooks you want when they’re cheap
  • Tells you when your favourite authors release new ebooks

I started it as a side-project some years ago to solve a problem I had of how to find and buy the ebooks I wanted; I’m now working on turning it into my full-time business, bootstrapping it as a solo founder.

I had a great boost in November when I found an article about it on the frontpage of cnet.com :slight_smile: It took 2 years to get the first thousand signups, and 2 weeks for the 2nd!

So now I’m trying to figure out how to make that kind of coverage happen some more. And write the app. And cover more countries and more stores. And add more features…



Hi Rachael,

I’ve used Luzme occasionally in the past. I see you have improved your UI a lot.

Just for interest, how do you fund the site? Using affliate links?

PS- I am also an published author. I just checked my book, an saw Apple has reduced my price without asking me! Need to have a word with them. :smile:



Hey, that’s really cool! So you might be interested in trying out my service for authors, which would send you alerts when that happened… I’ve been running a beta version for the last year, and am about to redesign and relaunch that.

Yes, the UI is much better. A real shame that the cnet.com surge happened 2 weeks before I was ready with the new UI!

Still, since folk have been signing up when the site is too slow and the UI was ugly, then I reckon that’s some good validation that I might be doing something useful :slight_smile: