Hi, I'm Pierre. I set house concerts on lodj.org, a tool for musicians to book house concerts

Hello ! Hello everyone !

I have been reading this board from time to time. I like the “down to earth” feel of the community. It’s like a calm island in the middle of all the hype in startup land.

I have been working on a project in my free time, to help musicians book house concerts tour.
here is the url: http://lodj.org

Basically house concerts are a great way to experience live music both for artists and people in the audience. While it has been around since forever, it’s not as easy as it should to book them.
I hope to build a community of house concerts advocates and to book them for artists.

I am looking for some advice from people not necessarily into music. About anything and especially about ways to grow a community. The website is as it is, I just had to push it at some point, but feel free to tell what you miss.



I love this part of the music industry. The intimate, informal shows are fantastic for both the audience & performer, and house parties can really help bridge the “in between” spots in a road trip or tour.

I don’t know if there’s any money in it for you. You’re creating a two-sided market, and you’ll need to work extra extra extra hard to attract enough hosts & musicians to make it interesting for both parties. What are you doing that http://www.concertsinyourhome.com isn’t?

Hi Corey,

You are right it’s hard work, but I enjoy it. There is no money in it , and I can’t see how there can be, 'besides being able to have buy a couple of beers ). What I do that they don’t? Well there is not enough house concerts going on for my taste. So we might all need to drum it up a little bit. So I am focused on giving exposure. I think it’s a shame that this movement that has been going on for so long does not get more press. I am trying my best at it!

Ok, good luck with it!