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Hi, I'm Peter Harkins


Hi, I’m Peter Harkins, a web developer in Chicago.

I have a labor of love at [NearbyGamers.com] that helps people who play tabletop games meet up with folks to play tabletop games. Emphasis on the labor; I’ve been updating it from Rails 2.1 to 4. In any case, it’s now a large enough site that I’d like to treat it less like a hobby and more like a business, so I’m starting to add basic information on events, conventions, and retailers to the site and talk to them about what they’d like in a premium listing. When that’s in a stable place I’ll probably move on to some kind of business-oriented saas, though for now I’m still filling up my ideas text file. :slight_smile:

And with my other link, I’ll mention I’m on Twitter as @pushcx.

In any case, I’ve been feeling like my biz signal:noise ratio is poor, so I’m going to be pretty quiet until things get done.


Hey Peter! I remember you from the 47Masterminds group we were in a while back. Welcome to the board!