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Hi, I'm Patrick Pohler from Anecka


Hello! I’m Patrick Pohler and I’m the founder of Anecka. I do web development and mobile web development for small businesses, interactive agencies, and startups. I have a nicely growing services business that is growingI’m also working on a few products for freelancers & consultants including:

  • MarvelShare : Share accounts, software licenses & project info with your clients automatically!
  • PDF Press : (Anecka.com/pdf_press) Save your ExpressionEngine® HTML Templates to PDFs with no monthly fee!

I quit my corporate job three years ago not sure exactly what I wanted to do, just knowing that I wanted to start building a business for myself. I had the chance to work at some really great places as a developer but like clockwork after 2 years I’d end up quitting.

I’m working as a consultant to help pay the bills while I develop product ideas (which is really what I want to be doing), it’s been challenging. As a developer I bring a lot of pre-convinced bias to the table and I find myself challenging a lot of assumptions I once held. It’s not enough to build a product, you have to learn how to talk to people about it in a way that connects with their needs and desires. It’s a great ride and I’m learning a lot from the boostrap/micro community.

I live in Columbus, OH with my wife Haley and a fat cat named Bill. Always willing to chat about homebrewing, software, startups and aviation.


Hi Patrick. Welcome aboard!


Thanks Audrey! Love the bootstrap.fm podcast!