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Hi, I'm Patrick McKenzie from Kalzumeus


Howdy folks. I’m Patrick McKenzie, perhaps better known professionally as patio11. (A decision which I sometimes regret ;).)

I run Kalzumeus Software, which I’ve bootstrapped in one form or another since 2006 and which I’ve been full-time on since 2010. I’m the engineer who knows enough about marketing to be dangerous. (And am fairly decent at explaining it to people, too.)

Some stuff I do:

  • Bingo Card Creator, my original product. (Bingo cards for elementary schoolteachers)
  • Appointment Reminder, my current product focus (SaaS which makes appointment reminder phone calls, SMS messages, and emails to the clients of professional services businesses.)
  • A podcast with cohost Keith Perhac
  • A blog largely concentrated on software marketing topics, which is what I’m best known for
  • A weekly email newsletter, also largely about making and selling software (far more on the marketing/sales than on the making, actually)
  • A video course which teaches software companies how to make effective use of lifecycle and drip email campaigns
  • Hacker News, under the screen name patio11, which probably counts as both my biggest hobby and my biggest vice, with the dividing line not always clear

Pleased to Internet meet you all.


This is a fresh install of Discourse so we’re still learning the ropes on it … if you add a link to a gist or another online notepad type thing I’ll see if I can use my mod-power to restore your bio to its full glory


Patrick was recently a guest on an episode of Bootstrapped.fm. Here is a direct link to that episode.


Good to see you here, Patrick.

If anyone has somehow not yet found Patrick online in the course of your bootstrapping journey, you might want to check out the gold mine that is kalzumeus.com. Patrick’s writings are extraordinarily helpful to a micropreneur and also fun to read.