Hi, I'm Patrick from Shoptimate.com

Hi guys,

I’m building Shoptimate.com a price comparison plugin for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera).

I live in Belgium and started working on Shoptimate while having a full time job in 2011 and I’m now trying to focus on growth mainly outside of France where most of my current users are located.

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Hi Patrick,

Welcome. Is Shoptimate a viable business for you already? What’s your next target audience outside of France?

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Shoptimate generates revenue and is on the right track to sustain a one-person company within a one-year timeframe.

I’m currently looking mainly into the rest of Western Europe (UK, DE, ES, IT) as many e-retailers are the same. But I’m also getting some early traction in the US, Japan and Brazil.

What I would ideally like to find is to find people in many countries that would be willing to provide feedback for the quality of the results in their country and do some basic marketing like contacting local blogs to get the ball rolling.
I’ve looked at elance and odesk but haven’t tried to hire somebody through them yet. That would probably be the topic of my next thread here :slight_smile: