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HI I'm Mubs from Mad Glory



My name is Mubashar Iqbal, but everyone calls me Mubs.

I’m a web developer at Mad Glory Interactive, a web design and development consultancy based in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Although we do mostly client work right now, we’re bootstrapping our first product and hope to make products our primary focus in the future.



Hi Mubs. Welcome to the forums! Are you in stealth mode, or can you talk about your first product?


Really, I didn’t know that Mubs. Intriguing!

@andrey these guys are one of the few people near me doing anything cool, though even they’re like 2 hours away.


I was going to say that it’s cool to have more New Yorkers on here. ( even if it is just upstate New York :wink: )


Not fully stealth, but trying not to say too much about the product yet.

We’re hoping to make a public beta sometime in October. I’ll be sure to post more detail when we get closer to the launch.


Oh yeah we’re gonna make big things happen, Upstate is where it’s at! :slight_smile: