Hi, I'm Moritz from mailparser.io

Hi everyone, I’m Moritz, a web-developer based in Paris! I found this place via hackernews the other day and was following the discussions since then.

I’m bootstrapping http://mailparser.io, a B2B SaaS app mostly used by online marketers, e-commerce guys and small business owners. With mailparser.io it’s possible to pull out data fields from recurring inbound emails like order confirmations, contact form emails, etc. Once the data got parsed, it’s easy to update your CRM or any other web application with webhooks. You can also simply download the extracted data as a spreadsheet.

Looking forward to exchange some thoughts here!

Welcome! Neat idea… especially in trying to set up a “lean” concept.

Exactly, i have several bootstrappers using mailparser.io who use it to automate their lead generation or order process. It’s for sure a dirty/quick hack, but does the job in most cases.

I’ll note a couple of years ago I was looking for a service like this while working for a major ecommerce site for a large company.

The company wanted that personal email touch for support issues while retaining the ability for managers to see what was going on and measure engagement, emails per store/employee/district.