Hi, I'm Monique, I'm not a tech person

…But I love tech, I’ve been hanging out in a lot of communities as a lurker, and I’ve always wanted to run my own business. Recently I seem to be hanging out at Amy Hoy’s blog and other awesome bootstrappers.

I’m currently attempting to do a[ 90 day challenge]1 set by Amy… hopefully something can come out of it!

Well, maybe it wasn’t so much a challenge but I’m doing a weak Barney Stinson impersonation of it.

And, okay, full disclosure, I’m also attempting another business with my sister and its attempting to bring Desktop 3d Printing to my country.

(I’m from the Philippines.)

So, I think I’m testing out which method works…

I hope you guys don’t think I’m an interloper! I’m mostly just here to lurk anyone but I figure this time I’ll introduce myself instead of just lurking :).


Welcome, we lover interlopers! Bootstrapping isn’t only about software, though it’s most commonly associated with it. Looking forward to seeing how you make out.

Welcome! Keep us updated with how your 90 day challenge goes.

Welcome. Its nice to see non-programmers in startup forums :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, guys! I’ll make sure to update you all of any development about my businesses!

And remember, no one ever starts as a ‘tech person’…it’s all learned along the way if you have the desire!

Thank you! I feel like I have a lot to learn still but its great reading all the encouragement!