Hi, I'm Micael and I'm bootstrapping Mr. Opus

Hi all,

I’m a software developer working on my first side project MrOpus.com

The idea is to stop the pain of managing CVs (by getting rid of them) and prevent people from applying for jobs they don’t qualify for.

It’s 70% complete and since it’s my first side project I’m sure I have a lot to learn, that’s why I’m here.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with you all!


This is an uphill battle. People do not apply for jobs they do not qualify for by mistake. They do it intentionally in a hope of gaming the system. So whatever system you put in place they will try to game actively. Hope you’re counting for that.

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Yes I am counting on that. It’s exciting that it’s a hard problem to solve. It means it’s not only harder to copy but it also adds real value (imo).

It will also work for job seekers, in that, if you want companies to be able to find you, they’ll only be able to send interview requests if the job opening matches your specifications. Your contact details are always private until you accept the interview request, which will cut down on recruiter spam.