Hi, I'm Matt, I've recently started working full time on my side project

Hi all,

I’m really excited to have discovered bootstrappers.fm, can’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner.

Anyway, a little over 4 years ago I started my side project BugMuncher (www.bugmuncher.com) an SaaS website feedback tool, while working full time as a freelance Rails developer.

In September of this year, I decided to fire all my freelance clients, and start working full time on BugMuncher.

I’ve been completely transparently documenting my progress in a series of blog posts, as a new user I can’t post the link yet, but if you’re interested, look for Part 1 on blog.bugmuncher.com. Writing the blog posts has been really helpful, it’s forced me to really examine all the numbers, and I’ve had an amazingly positive response.

That’s all from me for now, looking forward to participating a lot here in 2016!



Awesome! Here’s a link


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This looks like a really fantastic product.

I can see myself using something like this in the future. Where can I sign up to get updates?

Thanks for the kind words! Most of the blog posts have a box where you can subscribe for updates, alternatively you can sign up directly to the list on Mailchimp at eepurl.com/bEgC65

Great blog, I’ve just read the lot!

Hey Matt - small world :wink: Great to see you in here!

You know I’m in a similar boat as you so will be sure to follow your threads as I know they’ll help me out too. Welcome!

Hi Matt, we are on a similar path, so I’m following your story closely. Thanks for sharing :wink:

Hi Matt,

Remember reading your story over on Hackernews a while back - good to have you as part of the community.


Congrats on making the jump.

The headline on your landing page isnt really clear. I had to go into features to see what the product did.

You need a stronger headline that clearly identifies what you do. Maybe put a few gif videos right on the main page, so users can see the benefits right away, without having to click around.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve really struggled with the headline, and have tried a bunch of different things. I did wonder if the current one was too ambiguous, I’ll try to come up with something new :slightly_smiling:

I did have an animated explainer video, but I made a mini pivot that meant the video wasn’t really on the right message any more, need to sort out another one.

Congrats on making the jump Matt, I’m heading over to read your blog now. Good to see a fellow UKer on here