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Hi! I'm Matt - Building HookFeed and Minimalytics


I’m Matt Goldman (@SDMattG) and I started Small HQ with my girlfriend Joelle (@JoelleSteiniger) about a year ago. We live in sunny, downtown San Diego.

We are currently focused on HookFeed, an app that makes Stripe a bit more awesome with alerts and analytics. We are also working on Minimalytics - and writing a book with our friend, Michael Sacca, who is working on another SaaS app, Brandisty.

We post pretty often on Medium, and have grown decent-sized email lists via simple landing pages and some other tactics. I’d love to help anyone do the same however I can!

I’m also looking forward to learning from other smart SaaS folks who hangout here :+1:



Hi Matt,
Welcome :smiley:

I follow your improvements since the beginning of one of your products (Hookfeed) and I must say I’m quite impressed. Your Medium article about pageviews… etc was really useful and give real metrics to work with.

I just sent you an email one minute ago.



Got it. Thanks! Glad it’s been helpful


Hookfeed looks great. Love the idea of leveraging something like stripe.


Thanks Derrick! Stripe has been a wonderful platform to build on…