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Hi, I'm Mathias from Travis CI


Hi, I’m Mathias, and I work on Travis CI.

We started out as a free continuous integration platform for open source projects hosted on GitHub and, almost two years ago, decided to turns it into a business.

Before that, I was also a participant in Amy’s 30x500 school of thought, which has tought me a lot, and which also led to creating Riak Handbook, my first adventure in self-publishing.

We opened the private beta for our commercial platform of Travis CI, which we’ve somehow managed to grow quite nicely over the past year.

We did a crowd-funding and sponsoring campaign last year, but have been focusing on revenue and making a living off our commercial platform since then.

Looking forward to some interesting discussions on all things small biz, bootstrapping and customers around here :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mathias


Hi Mathias. Welcome to the forums!


\o/ … I own a copy of Riak Handbook AND I love Travis green banners on the OSS projects we build! Welcome!


Awesome, great to have you here Mathias. I’m sure we can all learn something from you guys, especially on the marketing side!


Hey Mathias, welcome! Travis CI is awesome and I’m very excited about the possibility to use it on private repositories as well. I’m sure we can all learn heaps from you and Travis CI :smile:


Hi Mathais. I have a travis-ci sticker on my laptop. Welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome Mathias, looking forward to sharing ideas together.


Welcome! I noticed that you are located in Berlin as well (I just moved here), do you know of any meetups for bootstrappers / small software businesses here? I know that there are tons of VC / tech / general startup meetups, but an event specifically for self-funded software companies would good.


Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to sharing, chatting and discussing.

@ian @JaapRood Thank you! I’m quite curious, and I’m happy to chat more about anything, do you see anything in particular you think you could learn from Travis CI? Because, to be honest, I’m not even sure what it is we’re doing :slight_smile:


@dennis I remember one attempt at starting a monthly roundtable for bootstrapped companies, but that was a while ago. You’re right, it would be nice to have something like that, though I’m quite fine meeting folks over coffee too and chatting in a broader community like this one :slight_smile: