Hi, I'm Mark the new guy

Greetings to all,

For at least the last 10 years I’ve developed in PHP, writing various back-end scripts, a couple websites, etc. I tried several frameworks (CakePHP, CI, and others) but struggled building a full-blown site. Almost 2 years ago I was introduced to Laravel and not only was I able to build a site pretty easily, but I actually understood how it worked. :smile:

About that same time, a family member came to me with a need for a central database for a ministry they maintain. They were using spreadsheets and documents to store their information, and an online storage company to share the data. It became a nightmare to manage. With a heavy DB background and PHP experience under my belt, I set off to develop a site using Laravel to manage their data. About a year later, I had a full site working for them. With a full-time job, that required a lot of nights and weekends! I knew I wouldn’t get paid for this job, and I doubted that it would ever be used by anyone else, but hoped to use this experience later.

As I was getting close to launching that project, a good friend of mine was experiencing a similar discomfort of managing a healthcare based business with spreadsheets and documents, using e-mail to share them, etc. I saw an opportunity to take what I’ve already done and conform it to their business. Again using Laravel, I created a site and they were on a beta version not long after the launch of the first site. In fact, we just celebrated a year since the launch!

This last site has huge potential to become a profitable SaaS. I’ve got a couple of milestones that I need to reach before a full public launch. Unfortunately, with a full-time job and a thriving family, time is very hard to come by. But I’m staying diligent with finding time in hopes that it will pay off.

Finding this discussion group has been a blessing. Lots of good information and encouragement. I hope to contribute my experiences in hopes to help others as well.

Mark Pemberton
North Carolina, USA

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Welcome Mark, sounds like things are happening for you! I look forward to hearing more. “They were using spreadsheets and email and it was a nightmare” almost always leads to a good SaaS opportunity.