Hi, I'm Mark from PilotLight.io

Hi All,

Like many, I’ve been lurking for some time and wanted to introduce myself.

I’ve been involved in startups for the last 25 years and a few years ago started PilotLight.io. It’s a one person show and I’ve bootstrapped everything myself (development, marketing, sales, operations, etc.). A little over a year ago I left a local company to go back out full-time on my own mixing consulting work (to pay the bills) and grow PilotLight. I’ve got roughly 15 long-term paying customers and with a new version of the service plan to grow it to where it provides all my income along with the ability to work anywhere.

I attended my first MicroConf - Starter this year and have built a small network of mentors here in Boulder, CO that I lean on for guidance on everything from tech to accounting, life-hacking as an entrepreneur, sales and pricing techniques, and more.

When I’m not in front of the computer toiling away I teach people how to ride their big adventure motorcycles off-road; in particular, BMW adventure bikes.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with you all!



Hi Mark.
You should explain what PilotLight is and does. I had to cut and paste to go to the website.

Good luck with your project

Welcome Mark. (I’ve edited your post to make your site clickable.)

Your product sounds really good. I used to pay a friend to do something similar for me - to go through a bunch of forums every day looking for discussions of my product and alerting me to where I could respond or intervene. So I can certainly see the value of your product.

I like that you are bold enough to charge decent money for your product.

Hi Mark, it is an interesting product. I assume you are competing with google alerts? Mind you i never get results from google alerts it does not seem to be very active.

I assume you use some kind of custom spider to keep an eye on the forums?

One suggestion. The site design looks really dated, I would give it a new look. You can use a theme to save time https://themeforest.net/item/stack-multipurpose-html-with-page-builder/19337626

Best of luck with the service.