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Hi, I'm Marco, working on hubdirector


Hi all,

as a few others who’ve just posted I learnt about this forum on the recent HN thread and I’m really looking forward to experience a forum similar to the old, beloved BoS.

I’m currently working on hubdirector "Social Coding For Organizations Without The Pain" and/or "Bridging the gap between social coding and organizations" (of course I’m still working on that tag line, I suspect social coding will disappear from it eventually).

Specifically I’m in the customer discovery-customer validation loop. As of this week I’m working on it full-time and about to bring on board a couple of friends. They will initially work in their spare time until such a time we will be able to either go all full-time, close shop or something in between :smile: I’ve got a few ideas on how to manage equity split, I like the dynamic approach and decided to experiment with Slicing Pie. This will definitely go on our blog eventually :wink:

In parallel I’m also working on our content marketing strategy and the other 100s of things that need doing.

Happy 2014


Hi Marco,

I’m new here too, and I will be going through that customer discovery/validation process for my second business very soon.

How are you going about finding potential customers and engaging with them? I have found twitter to be a good place to figure out who the influencers are in a given space. The influencer’s followers is a good list of potentially interested people.

Cheers and best of luck for 2014.



Hi Oliver!

I’m blessed with friends, acquaintances and previous clients who are my current target customers (this is also not my first business). I say my “current” target customers because you never know, that might change through the discovery process.

What are you working on?

Al the best