Hi, I'm Marcin from appenlight.com

I’m the creator of App Enlight. The service provides performance and error monitoring for applications - helping you develop code faster and fix problems in production environments the moment they appear. You get all kinds of information ranging from exception information (including local variables) to performance analytics that tell you what parts of your application are slowest and need most love.

I live in Poland and love making lifes of other developers easier by perfecting my solution.


Hi Marcin, just wanted to say welcome!

I checked out your landing page and demo and really think you’re wise for targeting a niche of programmers — python developers. That keeps your effort focused and your pitch razor sharp in such a highly, highly competitive space. Error reporting apps have replaced project management apps as the first scratch-my-own-itch app that developers build, which is okay, just know that it’s a crowded space.

Question for you: is this targeted at solo devs, teams of devs, or companies to buy for their devs?

My only critique at the moment would be to polish the language on your pricing plans page. Specifically, this:

Exceptional services start free

So you get one month of Pro plan on signup (No CC required).
After 30 days you can still use our free forever plan!

This language feels very, very awkward, in my humble opinion. I would test more-polished variations of this language.

For example, I wouldn’t begin a line in my important heading text with “So”, and consider not abbreviating “CC” here.

I would be more direct about what happens after the 30 days are up. Saying “you can still use” is less direct than saying “after 30 days you will be moved into our free plan”, or something along those lines. Don’t tell them what can happen, let them know what will happen.

Let’s take a quick look at some of your competitors pricing pages and see how they word their pricing squeeze page heading:

##New Relic

New Relic APM Pricing

All accounts start with a 14-day free PRO trial
After your Pro trial, you will automatically move to our free forever Lite plan.

Airbrake is an interesting case. Airbrake doesn’t really have any intro text, they just dump you into their plans. Although, their page title has text describing their pricing. Interesting:

Try Airbrake FREE for 30 days when you sign up for a paid plan.

Sentry’s tag line is beautiful, in my opinion.

##Shit happens — Be on top of it.
Sentry gives you insight into the errors that affect your customers.

Although their “Get Started” call to action could be improved, as you move down their single page scroller landing page, you find that their CTA matches the simple way they introduce their plans:

Get started today.

Well okay, can’t argue with that.

Raygun.io introduces their pricing by asking you to consider the value of their service with one simple question:

If your application is crashing, what would that cost you?

Rollbar’s pricing page begins with a straightforward attempt to mitigate fear with their free trial policy:

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Then, they head into it, with a no-frills heading:

Plans and Pricing

Hopefully, comparing this aspect of your site to that of some of your competitors helps your signup funnel in some small way.

Best of luck! I’ll be looking forward to seeing you write more about your progress here.

P.S. This is nitpicky… but in your demo… Just curious what the decimal precision here on this screen is for. Could there ever be less than a whole error reported?