Hi, I'm Lukas (plus an invitation to help you with piracy)


I’m Lukas from Austria, and I develop a specialized 3D animation software, available at http://bit.ly/1nRTJzJ .
Besides that, I’m studying computer science and I’m a juggler.
Looking forward to reading and contributing here!

Being in the Desktop market, piracy is somewhat of a problem for me. Thanks to download sites, it’s quite easy to share a complete pirated version of the product.
I developed my own tools and processes to locate and take down these pirated versions. It works quite well and seems to be more effective than other tools I tried.
This is an in-house tool, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever turn that into a product, However I’m curious how well it works for other peoples products.
If you have a piracy problem, feel free to contact me. I’ll run a search using my tools and tell you the results. There is no effort for you, and I won’t take any action on your behalf. I won’t charge anything either, as this is just an experiment.


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Hi Lukas

Good to see you here.