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Hi, I'm Lev from ReciPal


Hi Guys!

I’m a self-taught hacker and have been bootstrapping my first web project, ReciPal.com, which simplifies the nutrition labeling process for food entrepreneurs (I was formerly one, so was trying to solve my own problems!), among other things. I’m based in NYC and starting to work with a “marketing” guy on ReciPal to push it forward, as I’m working on a new startup full-time now (sadly, will probably take a more venture-backed route).

I built/designed the whole site in Rails, initially just for fun and to learn to program, added more features over time, and finally added payments a few months ago. We’re generating a small amount of revenue, with essentially no marketing, just organic search. Now working with the marketing guy to push it and see what we can do. Have a separate question about bringing on another person and how to structure that, so will post that separately.

Found this forum from a @patio11 tweet, so figured I’d check it out. Awesome stuff from this community already and looking forward to learning more!

  • Lev


Hello Lev. Great to have another NYC-based founder on here. Welcome to the forums.