Hi, I'm Leon. I've built NimbleText and TimeSnapper

Hello. I’m Leon, I’ve been visiting this forum most days for a while now, sometimes responding, and I see that posting an introduction is a normal part of the social order.

I have three products currently: NimbleText and NimbleSET, as well as TimeSnapper (which I jointly own).

I’m currently writing a book about building simple products, to be called Your First Product and for which I am doing far far more research than I ever performed when simply building products. I also have a blog at secretGeek where I make silly jokes.

Thanks for being part of an interesting community. It’s always good to see people’s responses here.

kind regards

I forgot to mention: I have very much more that I need to learn. Just so so much.

Hi Leon, and welcome.

I took a look at the website for TimeSnapper. My friend and I had an idea for a similar product last year, and we settled on the name, “Russian dashcam”, after the common Russian practice of having a video camera on a car’s dashboard, recording in case of an accident! TimeSnapper is a much better name.

If an OS X version is a financially feasible version, we may be able to co-operate…

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Hi Steve.
Yeh, we haven’t built a Mac version yet, but I think we will one day.
I use OS X very rarely, so I’m not in a position to develop seriously for it at the moment. But one day… one day…

Writing to you in a PM about this…

Nice work, @Leon!

RescueTime runs on OS X; may not be worth creating a competing product.