Hi, Im Laura Founder of Enprojo

Hi Everyone,
My name is Laura and Im the founder of Enprojo. We are a bootstrap. Enprojo helps entrepreneurs and startups document their journey in an organized, private, and collaborative environment. With Enprojo you can write your company story, culture book, process manual, protocols, etc in a convenient and user friendly program. There is also no limit to the amount of books you can write. You can collaborate with cofounders, team members, and employees. We just launched our public beta. This is quite an informative site, I cant wait to learn more. www.enprojo.com

Welcome, Laura.

Some feedback on the site:

  • When I click through to the privacy policy or terms of service, the top nav stops working
  • The home page does not make it clear what pain you’re trying to cure, rather it feels like you’re just telling me your features.
  • I’m not sold on per-user pricing. Do I get more value by adding 1 more user? For my team of 7 you’re asking me to pay $62.93 per month (consider A/B testing the prices as whole numbers in the future) so I’d expect to get quite a bit of value out of the service, but I need to understand it first.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Hi Aeden!
Thanks so much for the feedback, we will have the top navs fixed by today. You bring up some great points.
Our goal is to make it simple for those who wish to document their business and policies by having great features in one place. This way they can gather their own thoughts and skills and share them as well
The per user pricing was established because additional users have not only the ability to collaborate with the others but they also receive the same benefits as a single user. They have the same dashboard with the ability to write their own books, process manuals, etc. Every account can create an unlimited number books.
The pricing will not change when new features are added and upgraded. We have already completed phase 2, which should be released within the next 2 months. Its going to be pretty neat. :smile:
Thanks again for the feedback and keep it coming!