Hi, I'm Kjell-Åke

I live in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden which is in the beautiful High Coast area. By day I work as a software consultant and by night I am working on my product WebMaestro (https://getwebmaestro.com). WebMaestro is a HTTP API testing tool that I started building almost a year ago as I really didn’t like Postman or Insomnia that much.

I have joined this forum to get some help on to push myself to do some more marketing, as a developer we are in constant fear of doing that. And also to get some feedback on my product and homepage.

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Welcome, K.A.! Good luck fighting Postman, they seem to get an unlimited budget.

Welcome Kjell-Åke!

How’s WebMaestro going so far? What’s been your main source of customers?

Huh, man, you gotta make an installer. I’m a developer, but even I don’t want to create a folder, extract the files there, drag the symlink somewhere… too much work for a trial.

I make a Java application, but even I have a Windows installer, eh!

Well, haven’t had any sales yet. There have been some downloads, but no feedback yet either.

Ok, I will fix an installer then if that would increase trials.

Well, if I can get a small cut of that budget I would be happy!