Hi, I'm Kevin Taylor

Hi, I’m Kevin Taylor the non-technical co-founder of [steelbeamcalculator.co.uk][1] and the founder of [beamcalculation.co.uk][2]

I’m starting to get some sales, but not enough to quit the consultancy work.

I’m here to share my experiences, hopefully something that resonates with your experiences. Learn from others in the bootstrapping community and help others where I can.
[1]: http://www.steelbeamcalculator.co.uk
[2]: http://www.beamcalculation.co.uk

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Welcome, Kevin.

Some time ago, we were having a discussion if you could build a website on Wordpress. I know that you started one of your websites with WP. How’s your experience been, and are you still using WP?

Hi Shantnu,

I learnt wordpress and built an MVP site over a weekend to test a concept, I wanted to know whether is was worth building a timber beam calculator, so I built a simple wordpress site for people wanting to timber ridge beam calculations, which would be one of the main applications of a timber beam calculator.

The site had a home page, and a calculation page, which consisted of a contact form and a paypal buy button. I spent $9.36 for the domain and 1 months hosting and spent £15.87 on Adwords, during the month I had 4 enquiries but no sales, so I abandoned the experiment.

I have built a new site using shopify structuralcalculations.io, to test a few ideas that I would later like to incorporate into my beamcalculation.co.uk site, I have had 1 sale through this site, so I am continuing with this experiment. Will let you know how I get on.