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Hi, I'm Kasper co-founder of Dream Conception


Hi everyone, I’m Kasper.

First of all, what a great idea to create a community like this.

I’m the co-partner and founder of dreamconception.com, primarily focusing on creating amazing tools and services for people.

Some of our services are:

http://csupporthq.com a live chat solution for small businesses, bootstrapped since the beginning for about 3 years. I’m sure I can come up with a promo code for you guys, just pm me.

http://peakium.com our upcoming service, for easing the process of accepting recurring payments online.
Currently in private beta.

Follow me on:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kasperchristensen
Dribble: dribbble.com/kc_aplosweb
Behance: behance.net/aplosweb


Hi Kasper, welcome here!
(PS. Check your Dribbble and Behance links)


Thanks @Milan, As I’m a new user, I can’t post more than 2 links.


Welcome, hadn’t heard of cSupport before. Looks interesting.


I know, but I mean that the Dribbble link is at ‘Behance’ and Behance link at ‘Dribbble’. :wink:


Thanks @ian and for sending me an email about this community!


No problem! Glad you’re finding it useful so far.