Hi, I'm Kalen! I'm building MageMail

Hey everybody,

I’m Kalen in Pasadena, CA. Live here with my wife and 4 year old daughter!

I have a full time day job (which is amazing!) and I’ve been working on my bootstrapped product for the past 9 months or so. (Well, more like 10 years if you factor in all the learning experiences leading up to it!)

The product is a plugin for Magento that handles customer lifecycle email:

So far I have a small number of paying customers, and I’m thinking about how to build it out from here!

Big thanks to @ian and all the others that are further along, helping us little guys along the way!

p.s. I’m also on twitter if that’s your thing! https://twitter.com/kalenjordan


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@kalenjordan While I’ve heard a lot about the Wordpress plugin market, I know next to nothing about Magento. How does it compare to Wordpress (or any other CMS)?

Hey Shantnu! It’s for eCommerce!

Kalen, I meant the plugin market.

So there are a large number of people who make varying amounts of money selling Wordpress plugins, as well as offering support(or even hosting, like WPEngine).

Is there a similar market for Magento?

Yep! There’s a pretty solid plugin marketplace:

We also have a yearly conference:

There is a solution partner program for Magento solution providers (agencies):

There’s also an industry partner program for extensions, and a hosting partner program.

Pretty strong ecosystem overall.