Hi, I'm Joe, I'm a full-time software engineer ready to use my free time to build a business

Hey all,

My name is Joe and I am a full-time software engineer.

I got into the whole “Online Business” sphere a few years ago, following people like Patt Flynn and other “niche site” folks. I did lots of keyword research and even found a few possible niches to fill but they never panned out because I had no interest in the areas or ability to relate with the audience.

Also during that time I learned Android development on the side and have since released two apps to the Google Play Store. Only one of them made money (with ads, less than $100 dollars a year). This was a client app for a kanban app called LeanKit (which I recommend as an alternative to Trello). LeanKit had created an app for iPhone at the time but had no plans to make one for Android so I filled the gap (they have since released an app that pretty much makes mine obsolete).

For the longest time now I’ve been in a sort of “idea-hell” hoping for some magic idea for software that I could build, whilst reading things like lean startup, etc. Eventually I stumbled upon the term MicroISV and quickly found Amy Hoy’s UnicornFree blog which was a real breath of fresh air. Finally some concrete steps to bootstrap as a solo person.

So that’s where I am at. I have started to “Sales Safari” (researching pains) heavily in my audiences (.NET and Android developers for now) after work for a few hours each day.

Anyway, great to find an active community. Is this the only good one for bootstrappers that is free? The responses I’ve gotten here so far have been great by the way!

Welcome, Joe! I think we’ve all been in your shoes (I know I followed a similar path as you), so you’re in the right place. And yes, this is the best forum I’ve found for bootstrappers as well.

Let us know how we can provide some insight to get you to the next level!

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Hi Joe!

Great that you do research before spending your time on building something. :+1:Have you identified any pains of your audience already? I heard that developers are a difficult audience to sell to (but I have no idea whether this is true).

I’m in a similar position - a software engineer currently starting a consulting business (I help to scale Heroku-hosted Rails apps).

Hey Greg,

I’ve done about 2.5 hours of research so far (not nearly enough) in the .NET Microsoft crowd and so far nothing obvious has stuck out. Mostly just one-off coding questions. I’m hoping to dig into existing paid extensions and things like that to really find some pain.

My initial Android research had a few patterns sticking out related to learning/understanding problems.

So far I’m not really sure about developer’s willingness to buy things to solve their pain. It could be different for each platform.

Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

appaftercare.com for .net!
appaftercare.com for android!

You got this :slightly_smiling:

Check out what other consulting services are available for iOS and other programming languages (e.g. legacy codebase rescues, etc) and see if they apply. Check out the massic list of productized consulting services on this forum, maybe you’ll be inspired.

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Thank you for the pointers! :slight_smile:

Hi Joe,

We are about in the same boat… the idea hell… lol I had one previous successful venture (got one from 0 to 150 to 10 employees…) … then sold it to a couple of employees that are still running it today… Learned a few things doing this and I guess my paralysis comes a lot from not wanting to do the same mistakes…

Keep us posted with your progress… I will do the same here… I love this community… been lurking for a while…

Best of luck