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Hi, I'm Jarkko from Bear Metal


Hello, everyone!

I’m Jarkko Laine, a developer/UX/business/allaround guy now working under the umbrella called Bear Metal. We are four guys who were the bulk of the original tech team behind Wildfire App, which was bought by Google last year and which we all just left in the end of Q2.

I’m a perpetual student of Amy’s bootstrapping class (since its original Year of Hustle days), and in its lingo we’re now in the sales safari phase, mapping the audiences we could potentially serve. Since we’re four, our plan is to dedicate one or two guys to consulting gigs at all times to keep the boat afloat and have the rest of the team work towards our own product(s).

I’m based in Tampere, Finland, had a fun afternoon coffee discussion with Jaana @kulmala already once and am interested in getting something more regular gatherings going here as well. I’ll also be in MicroConf Prague in October, so if you’ll be there as well, come and say hi.



Welcome to Bootstrapped.fm!


Hi Jarkko, I’ll be at microconf, too - look forward to seeing you there!